Type of game

In order to choose billiard table, you must know in which exactly billiard game you are interested. Rules of different billiard games (American pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, English pool, Carom) you can find in sites of billiard federations.

Russian Pyramid 

Pyramid or Russian billiard was only billiard game in Lithuania during Soviet Union period. Club (3m*1,5m size) and semi club (2m*1m size) billiard tables were very popular in the whole area of Soviet Union and customers often were interested in these billiard tables. Now days variants of sizes increased to 8. Starting 9ft size this billiard game is played with 68mm diameter billiard balls, on smaller size billiard tables this game is played with 57,2mm diameter balls. This billiard game does not require complicated strategy, but requires big accuracy, as width of pockets are bigger only 4-6mm than diameter of billiard ball. Very popular billiard game in the whole area of ex Soviet Union, also similar game is played in Finland.


Pool game is most dynamic game. Maximum size of pool billiard tables is 9ft (playing area is 2,54*1,27m), but at home you also may enjoy smaller size 8ft and 7ft billiard tables. Colored billiard balls, big pockets – possibility to have great time with family. This is the most popular billiard game in the world, and also in Lithuania.


Snooker – billiard game, derived from England and represents precision, grace and perceptivity of intelligence. During Snooker tournaments, which often aired on Eurosport TV, you can understand real beauty of this billiard game. This billiard game is sophisticated enough considering accuracy as also tactics point. This billiard game is playable in Lithuania, but more often in billiard clubs than at home.

English pool

The same like Snooker, this billiard game derived from England and playable on 5-6ft Snooker tables. Black, white and seven yellow plus seven red billiard balls are hit according rules of pool 8.This billiard game is popular only in Great Britain. In Lithuania not popular, but on the same billiard tables you can play Snooker game just using lesser set of billiard balls.


Essence of Carom is using certain billiard ball to hit another one in such way, that it would hit the third one according to some rules. Possible requirement is to touch two or three billiard cushions. Also as requirement in certain area of billiard table (marked on billiard cloth) to make not more than certain amount caroms. This billiard game requires not only good a lot of knowledge and skills, bet also very precise billiard table: especially rigid construction, up to 70mm thickness slate ans heating system for playing area of billiard table.This billiard game is very popular in Italy, France, also in several countries in Asia, Africa, South America.


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