Vision M

Billiard dining table series – extended possibilities for your room.

Vision M – a dual-purpose pool/dining or pool/work table-in-one.

The unique feature of these tables is that legs are installed in the middle of table instead of at table corners as usual. For this purpose special crossbars have been designed for Pronto Vision frame.

This unique design table Vision M is available in 7ft and 8ft size.

Top part of table is the same as Pronto Vision, but because of special legs construction in the middle of table you can choose right angles as Pronto Vision or rounded angles as Pronto 19.

Legs are made of steel and have leg levelers.  Slate regulators always built into the frame.

Due to the composition of the legs in the middle, only elastic pocket are available for this model.

Table sizeTotal size, cmPlaying area, cmMinimum area, cm
7'228x128.5 cm199x99.5 cm 495x395.5 cm
8'253x141 cm224x112 cm520x408 cm


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