Poker tables are manufactured in two versions: Pronto and Transform. Both versions available in two sizes.

Pronto poker table is created on billiard tables construction basis, so it’s very durable and stabile. Legs with levellers, so it can be easily assembled on uneven floor.

Transform poker table stands on 2 V shape legs, which can be fixed in 2 places and in this way you can choose outside looking according your need. Poker table playing surface is covered with special poker cloth, surroundings can be covered with natural leather or leatherette. These model meet all technical requirements for poker tables and give you possibility to create your own design. Height of these tables 77,9cm.

More information you can find:  http://www.pokeriostalai.eu

Table sizeTotal size, cmPlaying area, cmMinimum area, cm
10 places270x142cmWith central inflection430x300cm
7 places220x117cmWithout central inflection380x277cm


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