Billiard table Konsulas

Super series – SUPER IS SUPER! All the best and much more than you expect!

Billiard table Konsulas -incredible combination of power and gentleness! All our billiard tables will give you a great pleasure, but this one is really special: tables is very streamlined, uncompromising stability and the best materials. Everything is done very thoroughly.

Special finishing options make appearance of table much richer, and sparkling – vitriform finishing looks like it was created specially for this table. Appearance of table can be enriched with spiral mill decors for legs. Advantages of construction:

Massive three – layers frame (it means stability).Massive legs and solid metal system, which guarantees rigidity for frame, integrate frame and leg into inseparable unit. Massive wooden details creates harmonious appearance and together with plates of natural slate and tested rubber for sides make integral system, which causes accurate, equal roll of ball and it’s bounce. Pockets are made, following by modern technologies, it didn’t loose it’s historical charm and it meets all contemporary requirements for billiard tables.

Table sizeTotal size, cmPlaying area, cmMinimum area, cm


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