Billiard dining table Pronto Ultra

Billiard dining table series – extended possibilities for your room.

Pronto Ultra – is a billiard table with an exquisite modern design.

An extremely thin table top creates not just an image of elegance but with an extra wide area for the legs beneath it, comfort as well. In order to highlight the table’s design, we created a new line of table tops exclusively for this billiard table. Pronto Ultra also comes with the options of both elastic pockets and a ball-collection system. Your table can be paired with a matching accessory collection, which includes a cue-rack, a chair, and a multi-functional storage cabinet. Three leg design options and a variety of finishes makes this versatile model ideal for both modern and classic designs. It just up to you to decide which you prefer more…

Table sizeTotal size, cmPlaying area, cmMinimum area, cm


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