Billiard Dining Table Decotech


Decotech– is exquisite modern design model with much more possibilities than only billiard dining table.

In Search of Perfection we finally found one! Decotech is a functional design that flirts with the future interiors. Decotech will deconstruct your past perception of massive and old-school billiard tables and will bring you into the future. Don‘t be deceived by the light dinning table construction since underneath it hides billiard table fulfilling highest game standards. Ball collecting system makes the process of the game smooth and uninterruptible.

Now literally anyone can have the pleasure of the game since the Decotech has been specially designed for a person who uses a wheelchair as well. Nevertheless, its universal design allows to enrich any modern interior or quite contrary to bring contemporary feeling into more classical space. Table top holder, specially designed to match the table, allows you to flawlessly enjoy the game any time you want. Forget about the old-fashioned cue and ball holdings since now you can store your cues under the table top and put the balls under the table.

For the times that you do not feel like playing billiard, we constructed a table tennis net, which fits perfectly your dinning table’s top.

Table sizeTotal size, cmPlaying area, cmMinimum area, cm
7 ft.238x138,5199x99,5cm495x395,5cm
9 ft.294x167254x127cm574x447cm


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