Colours of wood

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Range of colours

Rustic range of colours



Colours of tables are obtained by putting on surface of wood or other material ecological aqueous paints. This is done in order to sharpen texture of wood (to make flutes more visible and more decorative). Our used colours are created through cooperation with our Customers according their needs and mostly satisfy them. With help of specialized computer optic formula of paint is always the same, which causes stabile colour. 

If our assortment of colours does not fully meet requirements of Customer, we can create special colour for him following this procedure:

  • We get sample of colour from Customer (wooden detail with requested colour);
  • We create formula of colour and make sample on the material, which will be used for table manufacturing;
  • We send this sample to Customer for his confirmation;
  • When we get confirmation, we can start manufacturing table.

In both cases (standard our assortment colour or special one) it is really not possible to make sure complete equability of colour on the whole table because of these reasons:

  • We use natural, but not plantation wood, which were grown in geographical latitude, in zone, where climate is very contrasting (cold winters, hot summers), which cause strong decorative texture.
  • In details, which are manufactured of natural wood, because of not the same density intensity of colour might be different:  wood with bigger density (winter one) absorb less paint and remain lighter; wood with lower density (summer) absorb more paint and become slightly darker.
  • In details from birch we apply all kinds of continental birch (pendula, pubescens and other) and alder. Noted kinds of wood have similar texture and mechanical features, but some different paint absorption.
  • In details, which are manufactured of natural wood because of different sections (longitudinal– average paint absorption; radial – lower paint absorption; transverse – bigger paint absorption), colour intensity for cushions, frame and legs varies.
  • For cheaper tables some other materials are used instead of natural wood: MDF, veneered wooden plate; these materials also absorb paints differently and can little differ from cushions.

Variation of colour is because of above-mentioned reasons as also because of lucid, not hiding texture finishing. But all features of material are combined and after assemblage with standard upper lighting table looks great.

For better communication with Customer, who often needs piece of sample colour, we prepared coloured strips, which can be easily cut, if you need to give sample for potential Customer.         

Colour in strips is in longitudinal cut, so it might be difficult to understand colour specific completely. In order to show all-specific of natural wood, we manufactured stand, where the same kind wood is painted and presented in different cuts. You can see HERE

P.S. Colours that are presented in web site and catalogues are not absolutely precise because of display or press specifics, so we highly recommend using colour strips also.