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Billiard dining table Ultra

Pronto Ultra – is a billiard table with an exquisite modern design.

Billiard table DECOTECH. Decotech is a functional design that flirts with the future interiors. Decotech will deconstruct your past perception of massive and old-school billiard tables and will bring you into the future. Don‘t be deceived by the light din
Billiard Dining Table Decotech

Decotech– is exquisite modern design model with much more possibilities than only billiard dining table.

Billiard dining table Pronto Vision

Pronto Vision – future vision, because it's already done everything, what we can imagine the best about billiard/dining/working table.

Billiard Dining Table Vision Outdoor

Vision Outdoor –  dual purpose pool/dining table for outdoor. 

Billiard dining table Pronto

Billiard table PRONTO- your possibility to escape from the trivial round without coming from your home.

Billiard dining table Dino Extra

Dino Extra - one more model, which design is adjusted for billiard/dining/working table.