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Billiard dining table Pronto Vision

Pronto Vision – future vision, because it's already done everything, what we can imagine the best about billiard/dining/working table.

Billiard dining table Dino Extra

Dino Extra - one more model, which design is adjusted for billiard/dining/working table. 

Billiard dining table Pronto

Billiard table PRONTO- your possibility to escape from the trivial round without coming from your home.

Billiard dining table Ultra

Pronto Ultra – is a billiard table with an exquisite modern design.

Billiard Dining Table Vision Outdoor

Vision Outdoor –  dual purpose pool/dining table for outdoor. 

Billiard dining table Dino Home

Dino Home  -  economical billiard table intended for home use, if you have it together with dining top, you will have not only billiard table, but also dining/writing table.