Billiard table Artango

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Billiard table Artango

Project Info

Exclusive series - EVEN MORE POSSIBILITIES! Not only reliability, but also big possibilities to create individual style, according Your needs.   

Artango – place for sport, comfort and imagination. It provides a wide range of colours choice: using a special program you have opportunity to choose colours of cushions, angles oak wood and laminates of vertical parts as well.

What is more, lamp and cue rack designed in “Artango” style complement your interior. There is also a possibility for cushions production to use highly resistant “Diamond” wood. Other technical decisions are the same as
Dino Sport Pro. 2000 in Kaunas, Lithuania Euro-Tour championship took place on billiard table ARTANGO.
This billiard table can be manufactured for any type of game (Snooker, American Pool, English Pool, Russian Pyramid).
Colour for vertical shields, please, choose from our laminated wooden plates assortment, and colour for cushions and joining shield details from solid wood finishing assortment. The best way to do that - using special design program CUSTOM MADE.


Project Details

  • Biliardo stalai

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