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Manufacturing of billiard tables

Bilijardai JSC is manufacturer of billiard tables.  

Our staff has big expierence (since 1988) - we manufacture billiard (Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, English Pool, Carom games) tables, tennis table tops and air hochey tables.There are aprox 30 employees working in 2900m2 industrial area, and they manufacture aprox 1000 billiard tables with original design every year.

We are located in geographical centre of Europe. By collaborating with bussiness partners from East and West countries, we took over their best practice.

Materials for manufacturing billiard tables we buy from well known West Europe countries:




Our company has implemented the world's most prevalent quality management system ISO 9001, which ensures a comprehensive service, starting from order receipt to billiard table delivery.  


Policy of our company is based on principle of 3 Q: 

  1. Quality satisfaction of customers requirements (quality of billiard tables, design, services).
  2. Quality certificates  (issued by international billiard organizations) - EPBF and ICP.
  3. Quality management system – ISO 9001:2000.

Usage of most advanced computer technologies guarantees not only high quality of billiard tables, but also possibility to reduce prices or our products.

We strive to produce billiard tables, which fully meet Your requirements and we always care about their future.



Our products have an excellent ratings: the first – second place in “BCA Las Vegas 1999” (USA), the prize in the exhibition “Lithuanian furniture 97”, and etc.


The international competitions took place on our tables: Euro Tour  “Brunswick Lithuanian Open” (Kaunas, September 2000); The Second World Championship of Russian Pyramid (Vilnius July 2001), the 5-th Europe Championship for Russian Pyramid (Kaunas, 2006).



Bilijardai JSC  is member of  Billiard Congress of America.



Sales of billiard tables