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First games with balls in the billiard encyclopedia you can find described from even Egypt period, but more similar to present billiard you can see in picture, painted in 1589 by Andriaen Van Venne (more opinions about billiard history you can find in Wikipedia)
Billiard is really good expedient for leisure. Now days when full of information, billiard games are real opportunity to relax, to have fun with friends or your family, or maybe just play by yourself, enjoying the game.

Biliardo stalas Modular

When creating the Modular model, we wanted not only to create an original design, but also to create a system that allows us all to participate in its further development.
Therefore, we have created an open structure where everyone can create their own unique pool table.

Billiard table Artango

Artango – place for sport, comfort and imagination. It provides a wide range of colours choice: using a special program you have opportunity to choose colours of cushions, angles oak wood and laminates of vertical parts as well.

Billiard table Dino Sport Pro

Dino Sport PRO is billiard table of new generation. Dino Sport PRO - originally designed billiard table with horizontal regulation mechanism hidden inside.

Billiard table Dino Sport

Dino Sport is professional pool table. 

Billiard table Dino Club

Dino Club - American Pool table for billiards clubs.

Billiard table Tornado

Tornado - American Pool table for billiard clubs. 

Billiard table Provijus Eko

Provijus Eko - economic billiard table for home billiard room.

Biliardo-pietų stalas S7
Billiard dining table S7

S7 – billiard table manufactured using 3D technologies.

Billiard dining table Ultra

Pronto Ultra – is a billiard table with an exquisite modern design.

Billiard table S6

S6 – unique design table, created on base of unified central console

Billiard table DECOTECH. Decotech is a functional design that flirts with the future interiors. Decotech will deconstruct your past perception of massive and old-school billiard tables and will bring you into the future. Don‘t be deceived by the light din
Billiard Dining Table Decotech

Decotech– is exquisite modern design model with much more possibilities than only billiard dining table.

Billiard dining table Pronto Vision

Pronto Vision – future vision, because it's already done everything, what we can imagine the best about billiard/dining/working table.

Billiard table S5

S5 – unique design table, created on base of unified central console

Billiard Dining Table Vision Outdoor

Vision Outdoor –  dual purpose pool/dining table for outdoor. 

Billiard dining table Pronto

Billiard table PRONTO- your possibility to escape from the trivial round without coming from your home.

Biliard table S4

S4 – unique design table, created on base of unified central console

Billiard dining table Dino Extra

Dino Extra - one more model, which design is adjusted for billiard/dining/working table. 

Billiard table ROSSI

Billiard table ROSSI -traditional creation of architecture with exceptional stability and reliability.

Billiard table Konsulas

Billiard table Konsulas -incredible combination of power and gentleness!    All our billiard tables will give you a great pleasure, but this one is really special: tables is very streamlined, uncompromising stability and the best materials. 

Billiard table DIJONAS

Billiard table DIJONAS - is your exceptional chance to become architect of your own billiard table. Unlimited quantity of solutions: choose desirable cushion edgings and design of pockets, shape of additional thickness for frame and decor, then adjust desirable design of legs and choose colours for wood and cloth.

Billiard table Dijonas Still

Billiard table Dijonas Still – group of tables with it’s own specific stylistic. 

Billiard table Provijus
Provijus - harmony of luxury finishing, classic construction and professionalism.  
Billiard table Rustic Ranch

Billiard table “Rustic” – manufactured of natural wood with effect of “glaring aged outside”. 

Billiard table “Rustic”

Billiard table “Rustic” – manufactured of natural wood with effect of “aged outside”. 

In order to choose billiard table, you must choose desirable billiard game. Rules of different billiard games (Pool, Snooker, Russian Pyramid, English Pool, Carom) you can find in web sites of billiard federations. Then you need to decide what size what size billiard table you can put in your room.Also it is very important to know construction know construction of billiard table and manufacturer warranty. All this information you can find in section „How to choose billiard table“

If you want to buy billiard cues, billiard balls, lamp for your billiard table or other game accessories, please have a look at our offered products in the cataloque.

You can choose not only billiard table, but also air hockey, poker or soccer table as well. For these game tables you will need less space than for billiard tables. More information about these products you can find in our website.

As concerns billiard tables and advices, please, contact our expierenced billiard specialist.